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Directions for Sugar or Salt Foot Exfoliation


So you've purchased your beautifully scented, 100% natural and organic foot scrubs from Luv That Scrub, and now you're ready to relax and experience a little bit of heaven on earth. To get started on your foot bath, the first thing you'll need is a vessel large and deep enough to allow your feet to fit comfortably. The vessel should hold enough water to cover your feet up to your ankles. Next, fill your vessel with hot water or to a temperature you desire. Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of Luv That Scrub sugar or salt scrub to your water or gently massage the mixture into your feet in a circular motion, starting with your toes. Then massage the scrub into the ball of each foot; and finally massage and stroke your arches. With a bit more pressure, work the heels and outer foot. Massage your ankles and the top of your foot. Wah-la, you now have beautiful, fragrant and relaxed feet. Enjoy! 


Note: Remember to sit a towel next to your soaking area, so that you can wrap-up those relaxed feet once you're finished. 

Directions for Body Butter Use

Apply Shea butter to your face and exposed skin daily. Coat dry, cracked feet in Shea butter before bed and sleep in a thick pair of socks.

For faster skin-softening results, soak your feet in a warm bath with Luv That Scrub Soak before applying. You can also rub Shea butter on scars, stretch marks and blemishes to increase skin elasticity and minimize the appearance of lines and incisions. Shea butter is useful for dry cuticles and hands as well. Store your Shea butter in a room or area set at 65 to 74 degrees to keep it from hardening. Protect it from melting by keeping it away from the stove and direct sunlight. Use a spoon or the small scoop that was issued to scoop product out of your jar. Rub the Shea butter into your skin,  your skin will absorb it on contact.

Directions for Sugar Scrub Use

Open your Luv That Scrub Sugar Scrub jar and give it a really good stir to blend oils. Scoop a little out into the palm of your hand and add warm water to make it go on smoothly. Rub on. Once sugar begins to melt, rinse. Pat yourself dry with a towel. Your skin should feel silky smooth. Enjoy! 


Caution: Tub or shower may become slippery after use. 

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