Relax and unwind with our Tea Tree & Lemon Sugar Scrub, made with Pure Sugar Cane and infused with 100% Essential Oils. 

Health Benefits: Tea Tree Oil is perfect for acne, athletes foot, blemishes from chickenpox and shingles, blisters, cracked and rough skin, varicose veins, warts and even whooping cough.

Tea Tree & Lemon Sugar Scrub

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  • How to Use Scrub:
    Open jar and give it a really good stir to blend oils. Scoop a little out into the palm of your hand and add warm water to make it go on smoothly. Rub on, once sugar begins to melt, rinse. Pat yourself dry with towel and skin should feel silky smooth. Caution: tub or shower may become slippery after use.Enjoy!
  • The first thing you want to do is give you Sugar Scrub a good stir. 

    Cleanse your body, with our 3 n 1 Shower gel or your choice of cleaner then rinse off. Step out the spray of ( or turn the shower off). 

    Apply all over your body from the neck down in a circular motion. 

    After applying, step back under the spray of water, rinse off, while you're still wet and in the shower, if needed apply our moisturizer wait a moment pat dry.

    Be very careful when you exit the tub or shower.  


“I have been working in the construction industry for several years. Hardwork had really taken a toll on my hands. They were dry, peeling and looked like dirt was embedded in them. I had pretty much given up on having nice looking hands. Then I tried "Luv That Scrub ” and instantly my hands looked 10 times better."  -Robert


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